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Last nite, i dd smtn dt rly offended mummy (i burnt d rice she askd me to watch ova). I felt rly bad myself (&i for once wished she wd act like 'oyinbo' mummies wu wd only ground (whateva dt mins) dir kids &nt gv dos 'bad' EYES &lengthy 'bad' talks African parents ar knwn for. Dt kain 'u beta use your senses' knowing luk dt wl mk u wish d ground opens up&swallows u. Lol, dnt mind me).So ds morn, i woke up VERY early wich s quite unusual. I woke,scrubbed evry part of d kitchen, RE-WASHED sm dishes &pots,swept evrywia &infact dd all chores dt wsnt mine to do. It then suddenly dawned on me dt M TRYN 2DO SO MANY 'GOOD' 2DAY JST TO COVER UP FOR D ONE 'BAD' I DID YESTERNITE. Then i thought further, Is ds wia we got d idea dt wn we sin against God, we try to cover up for dt ONE sin by doin SO MANY righteous WORKS? My questn s ds (&of course i nid answers): Is it human nature to try to do so many 'good' to un-do a 'bad' or is it smtn we caught while growing up? Is it simple logic or is it as a result of d way our parents (esp Nig parents) brot us up? Hw den do we so easily relate wt obtains in our rlshps wt our physical parents to dt of our Heavenly Father?N.B:If last questn s a Yes, then is it smtn our parents shld b conscious abt bcs weda dey realize it or not,dey ar shaping our psyche on hw to relate wt God. Let's discuss pls


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Comment by destinedtee

The term Love is so deep.This is my own quota sir:Our love for God is the bedrock of our relationship with Him.That is what spurs us to please Him.When we truly love God, it will automatically result in us loving our fellow human being the way God loves them...In short, Love is the greatest...See 2Cor.13:13 ...


Comment by oluwamary

God is love :) ...