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Comment by Oluwamary

Hahahaha..actualy ds yr, d Lord hlpd me conquer Impatience. I hate waiting. Bt funny enuf, d whole of my 2012 ws spent in God's waitn room (V bn trustn God fr smtn since Dec 12,2011). Last9t, i jokingly sd, 'Arrrgh, ds 1 s no longer patience o, it s longsuffering'. Shey u knw d elder bro f patience s perseverance n d elder bro f perseverance s longsuffering. Lollll,dnt mind me. Bt rly, v cm 2a point wia i cn say, 'LORD, AT UR PACE...' ...


Comment by T-Ralph

@oluwamary Hmmmm...I get that one oooo...I understand you!
As for me, it was 'faithlessness' that God helped me to conquer. HE has been teaching me Intimacy, Faith and Trust since the beginning of this year. ...


Comment by Mimmytrippie

hmmm...oluwamary,I see u sewiozly!4 me,ts definitely bin LONGSUFFERING av bin tot o...hmmm...plus am stil unda training concerning CARELESSNESS...m definitely more careful wen I luk bak...God b praisd ...