The Sun - Bright Red

General poem by T-Ralph


The world was full of darkness
Desperate for the brightness.

The world at verge of being torn
And darkness felt it had won.

Just when it thought hope was gone
Then arrived the breaking dawn.

Darkness just had to beware
Daybreak light made it aware.

Bright red sun sent down arrows
Destroy darkness to marrow.

By the red sun is no plea
For the darkness had to flee.

Bright red heat was high by noon
And darkness was sent to doom.

The sun typifies the Son
Let the Son come to your world.

Sin, pain, death, all gone away
"Cos the Son - HE is the Way.

For those who receive HIS Grace
Darknes ...

Green Light

General poem by T-Ralph


I know I've got the green light
Now isn't time to alight.
HE's placed me in glorious ride
This ain't a matter of pride.
In my work, HE makes a Way
My path is bright like midday.
I don't need to beg for feed
'Cos HE gives the strength I need.

My chariot can never crash
Makes me first in every dash.
HE lifts me to upper class
Supplies me with much more cash.

Unstoppable, unshakable
Unmovable, un-crushable.

The LORD's Glory surrounds me
Radiates much so all can see.
All these happen by His Grace
Not by the looks on my face
Not the content of my head
Nor by the length of my leg.

Nothing can e'e ...


General poem by Michael


I saw a man struck by thunder,
Should have died almost at instant,
Yet saved but with serious injuries,
Yet another,
Didn't feel a thing,
This makes me wonder,
Why the difference?
They both were saved,
Yet had different experience,
This formed a cluster,
Which made me wonder?
Could it be,
We can´t change our destiny,
Whatever happens has already been set,
We can only change the angle of view,
I haven't concluded yet,
If you are interested,
Please help solve my mystery,
I´m tired of this cluster.

Michael ...


General poem by Michael


As a new baby in Christ,
I felt so much power and strength,
The will to carry the touch was strong in me,
I went on like this for a while,
I got weak,
Not that I backslidden,
But it was just too much for me to bear,
I was heavily weighed down,
My strength couldn´t carry me any longer,
I couldn´t read the word nor pray any longer,
Time wasn´t enough,
Little did I know?
I had forgotten grace,
For by grace I am saved,
And by grace am I sustained,
"If God does not build a house the builder builds in vain" Psalm 127:2
I noted this in my predicament,
When I was weak and my heart burdened me,
I saw great visions,
I felt his strong pr ...


General poem by Michael


In my mum's womb I was formed,
Eyes closed,
Lips shut,
But my spirit was awake,
I leaved in darkness physically,
"Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the water" Genesis 1:2
Somehow like that I felt,
Lord please shine your light on me,
Then there was this break,
The cry of a baby she heard,
Filled with joy and relief,
What a joyful day,
Yes my eyes was open in the body,
But my spirit was now blind,
"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, in sin we are conceived from our mother's womb"
Lord shine thy light on me please,
That I may serve you,
As I grew,
I lea ...


General poem by Michael


I live,
I´m strong
Sometimes I´m down
Yet striving to meet up
Just to meet it
The earthly height and pleasure
But now I see
My life have gotten extended
When I worship
I fear no pain
The gain of knowing the truth
Jesus the truth
Makes way for me
Ask how?
When all seems lost is when one gets it all
So is it in life
By grace with no power
Why? Because with peace and easy I get what I had strived for,
And now I see
Something better
To behold the presence of God
Sitting and listening to him
At his feet
Where I am never rejected. No matter what
It true


General poem by Michael


They said to themselves,
Aren´t they gorgeous?
So beautiful they said,
Gen 6:2 "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they tookthem wives of all which they chose."

They brought forth offspring,
Who became trouble to the earth?
For before this it is written,
Gen 4:26 "And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Eons: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.

But after they brought forth their offspring,
This happened,
Gen 6:3 "And the LORDsaid, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh ...

The Sun - Golden Yellow

General poem by T-Ralph


Sun arise and give thy light
Shine thy face upon the plants
Smile wide all o´er the waters
Let the land feel the heaters.

The sun brightens up the sky
Vapors riseth up on high
When the ground is somewhat dry
Then the clouds begin to cry.

The sun bringeth light to day
Causeth seed to rise from clay
After the long winter cold
It is time for plants to grow.

For darkness shalt leave the way
In the golden yellow ray
The green plant maketh their food
And others enjoy the good.

The fishes´ bodies will wave
Across the warm watery cave
All relish the yellow sun
"Cos the good Lord made it so.



General poem by T-Ralph


Right now you stand all alone
Wondering where your friends have gone
You relied so much on friends
Now you´re in a place you dread
Not knowing how you got here
And you´re surrounded by fear.

There is -
A Friend more than a brother
Jesus - more than a mother
HE cares more than a father.

You should have learnt your lesson
Not to trust in the lesser
Nor to put your hope in man
"Cos you will surely be damned
Look at your Creator only
And you won´t end up lonely.

T-Ralph ...


General poem by Dotunxp


To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.
To make all your friends feel that there is something in them
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
To think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have ...

The Race (The Tale of Comparison)

General poem by T-Ralph


Always put my hope in Christ
Believing all will be right
Now I wonder why it´s hard
Sometimes things just get so bad
Look to see how my mates run
And how brightly their lights burn
Those who started before me
Seem better than I´ll e´er be
See their tracks - it´s so easy
No troubles - they´re less busy
Seems their faith work so much more
Some don´t believe in the LORD
Yet they´re fast and I´m so slow
Wonder how I got this low
I think all I´ve rightly done
Yet I see my mates have gone
How much have I to believe -
That I may also achieve?

Better do I rightly know
In Christ will I always g ...

The Race (The Tale of Hope)

General poem by T-Ralph


Thought I had it all planned out
My head filled with the full route
With high hopes I went to race
"Cos I thought I held the ace
Surprised to see crooked tracks
I wanted to turn my back
But it´s too late to do that
So I´ve got to face the facts
Being a while but seems so long
Hoping to hear the end song
Running on - so full of sweat
Running hard - the price to get
From within all strength is gone
Wish to rest on this soft lawn

Unto my Savior I look
With HIM my hope firmly hooks
Right now I can dream again
With HIM I will feel no pain
Daily my strength HE renews
Hope, joy, strength no longer few
So with rest I run my ra ...

This Passage

General poem by T-Ralph


Carefully read this passage.
Don´t live life just to manage
Like you´re born in a village
Getting by on little wage
Frustrated and full of rage.
You were made in God´s image
Your whole life is not garbage
You´re from a royal lineage
The LORD is your heritage
HE´ll set you free from this cage.

You did not descend from apes
Don´t patch your life with a tape
HE´ll wrap you with glorious cape
Look to HIM for divine cake
HE gives more than you can take.
Your life is not a mistake
God made you and won´t forsake
Come to HIM and you´ll awake
HIS Son died all for your sake
Turn to HIM for your remake.


The Sovereign King

General poem by T-Ralph


There´s ONE who created the universe
From when it was without form like a gas
HE sent forth HIS Word to make each part parse
Till all was formed and became a real mass
What a wonder! Oh, it is not a jazz
HIS Glory is shown in each line of verse
Nothing compares to the power that HE has

HE is covered with splendor and Glory
From HIM proceeds wisdom without boundary
The creature recounts HIS endless story
If you dare cross HIM, you will be sorry
HIS judgment is beyond any jury
Though HE is the same, HIS form may vary
HIS Person is a bundle of mystery

Everything that exists was made by HIM
In HIS Presence is tremendous light beam
Come to HIM and yo ...

He Gave Me Life

General poem by T-Ralph


I was once dead from within
Constantly amount to nil.
Inside me was no good deed
I should be kept in a bin.
I felt like fish with no fins
Under water with no gills.
Struggling just to climb life´s hill
Defeat was all I could feel.
All these sometimes made me mean
Until Christ came to redeem.

He gave me eternal life
From my spirit, I´m alive.
Christ made me HIS glorious wife
I commune with the divine.
So much power that I can dive
High cliffs, deep seas; not a lie.
No disease can stay inside;
Darkness is far from my side;
No evil can come beside.
I can do all things all times
"Cos I´m seven times alive.


Rise Down

General poem by T-Ralph


You program your life like you are in charge
Chasing life´s goodies thinking they will merge
Gathering small pieces just to be large
Making much efforts, you feel at the verge.

You plan with no view of divinity
Not knowing there is severe gravity
Going ahead with your activity
Facing challenge with wishful brevity.

Sorry to inform you, "That´s a rise down."

T-Ralph ...

Grace - Power of God unto Salvation

General poem by T-Ralph


I was born with quite a bad condition
All I did had a default negation
This was due to the gross nature of sin
No matter how much well or good I did
It didn´t matter "cos it was nothing
One fateful day, I came across something
It was Love that called me out of darkness
And set me in HIS marvelous brightness
HE brought me out of my nonentity
And placed me in HIS Divine Royalty
HE took away nature of sinfulness
And installed in me Seed of Holiness
HE showed me how HE bore all of the pain
The wrath and wage of sin, on HIM, it rained
That HE may once for all shut sin away
Between GOD and I, became HE the WAY
Not a function of deeds but of believe
It´s by ...

Healing For You

General poem by T-Ralph


If there´s lots of pain
Flowing through your veins;
Sickness in body
And you are moody;
Depression in mind -
A kick from behind;
Disease with no cure
And it re-occurs.

Now, you´ve got to know -
Truth that sets aglow.
Christ came to the earth
That you have sound health.
Stripes HE bore by will
So you will be healed
Never to fall ill
Nor by disease killed.
Isn´t by your work-faith
Yes! You heard me right.
Don´t condemn yourself
It´s about HIMSELF.
Just believe and trust
HIS Love never rusts -
Loves beyond measure
Heals you with pleasure.
Hold on to HIS Word
And Christ´s finished works -
Paid it all on Cross
You won& ...

Consumed By Your Zeal

General poem by T-Ralph


My life is not nil,
I´m set on a hill,
The world sees my teal,
"Cos YOU sound the zills.
YOU alone are leal.
YOUR Word is my Meal.
I go on my kneels,
Just to know YOUR will,
And walk in YOUR heels.
To me, YOU reveal
All YOUR plans and deals.
YOU give me the chills.
I drink from YOUR rills.
I long for YOUR fill,
Such heavenly dill,
To eat from YOUR mill.
Wrapped in YOUR arms till
YOUR Presence is real,
It´s all I can feel,
Consumed by YOUR zeal.

T-Ralph ...


General poem by Michael


On a sunny day,
In my hood,
I finally decided,
Come life or death,
I will follow you,
I love you,
Years ago,
I used to do his will,
I was loved,
By everyone,
For my every deed,
I go to his sanctuary,
To make enquiry,
About reality,
Of living,
Little did I know,
That things would soon change,
I never understood,
But he never stopped,
Creating loops,
That I may connect,
To know what I ask,
Until today,
I knew,
His glory started with a story,
One I knew,
But didn't understand,
I saw his strives,
And wished,
"only if I had known I wouldn't have asked"
I thought,
Within my heart,
No way I'm following him,
Then I was touched,
The touch of love, ...

I Just Wanna Know You More

General poem by T-Ralph


There´s something that I long for
It´s Someone as my Mentor
In fact, HE is my Savior.

For long before I knew YOU
YOU´ve loved me whate´er I do
Now, I just wanna know YOU.

All I know isn´t enough
I just wanna get enough
So, I delve deep for enough.

The deep things YOU have concealed
I long that they be revealed
My face, YOUR SPIRIT unveiled -

In clear view, YOUR Face I see
The more I see, more I be
So deep as depth of the sea.

Like fire caught-up in my bones
Like hot oil within my veins
Is a desire in my heart -

To know YOU than e´er before
Kept in the light of YOUR Word
I jus ...

LORD Lead Me

General poem by T-Ralph


For quite a while, I walked in my own ways
Leading myself with my head all my days
Sometimes in my struggle, I see sun rays
Deep in my heart, I hear a voice that says -
"Trust the LORD and let HIM lead "cos it pays"

Forging ahead and thinking I was wise
Led by my feelings, ears, nose, mouth and eyes
I was surprised as I saw my debts rise
Headaches and itchy heads thinking it´s lice
"Cos I led myself, now I pay the price

Now I sit to learn the good Way of God
I listen to HIS Word on my iPod
And I respond to HIM with a yes-nod
By Zoe, my tree continues to bud
In all, I receive comfort by HIS rod

From now on, I lean ...


General poem by T-Ralph


Take a minute to think
About the LORD´s goodness
And you will be amazed
At HIS wonderfulness.
Remember the beauty
HE caused your eyes to see
And all the gracious words
HE makes your ears to hear.
How HE protected you
And made your enemies to flee.
Your mouth has tasted
All the flavors of the LORD´s kindness.
Your nostrils continues to perceive
The fragrance of HIS Love and Mercy.
Your heart has experienced cleansing
From all sin, guilt, pain and hatred.
You can always find peace
In HIS everlasting forgiveness.
You breathe in HIS daily supplies
And you breathe out excess to bless others.
You drink from the refreshing rivers of life
You feed from the fre ...

I Need Your Grace

General poem by T-Ralph


It seems the ground is above
I begin to lose my hope
Must I continue to cope?
Oh my God, I need Your Grace.

Now, nothing is working right
It won´t last long, this last light
Who will save me from this plight?
Oh my God, I need Your Grace.

This harsh sound is just so loud
Soon I might fall to the ground
When do I hear relief sound?
Oh my God, I need Your Grace.

Blue is not the sky´s color
Fields have lost their green splendor
How do I open this door?
Oh my God, I need Your Grace.

Losing my breathe in this fire
Hope is gone from my fibre
Should I stay or retire?
Oh my God, I need Your Grace.

All these times I k ...

Turn Up Your Light (Part 2)

General poem by T-Ralph


When the sun begins to set
When the darkness looms without
When the last candle goes out
It´s time to turn up your light.

When around you is water
When the rain gets heavier
When it´s as cold as freezer
Then, turn up your light heater.

When the world wants compromise
When set on you are strange eyes
When you want to load the dice
It´s time to turn up your light.

God is your energizer
The world must hear your thunder
Fill the dark sky with your light
Cos´ in you is Jesus light.

It´s God´s will for you to shine
Arise! Now is time to shine
God wants to change the world´s night
And HE plans to ...

Turn Up Your Light

General poem by T-Ralph


Turn up your light
Don´t let your fame down.
Point to Christ in the limelight
And your life won´t crash down.

Turn up your light
Keep up the good fight.
Never afraid of the world´s fright
Higher must your kite fly!

You are the light city
Works of faith is your entity.
You are a sky thunder
Therefore, you can´t hide under!

You are the bright city
Terrible fire upon the hill
Annihilating the enemy´s activity
So, brighter must your light burn!

As for you who are still dark,
Lord Jesus will ignite you with a spark
And your dark past will be far from history
Then, you´ll begin to radiate the Father&a ...

Without Jesus

General poem by T-Ralph


Without Jesus, you are like -
A car without a wheel
A gun without a bullet
A bomb without a trigger
A bow without an arrow
A bulb without electricity
A well without water
A bird without wings
A mouse without cheese
A sheep without shepherd
A day without sun
An ocean without tides
Winter without snow
Earth without moon
The sky without stars
A star without light
A human without brain
A sacrifice without an offering
A body without spirit
A soul without hope
A heart without love

If you are without Jesus,
You don´t just fit
You won´t just click
Your life won´t tick.

Act 17:28 - For in him we live ...

Unstable Jack

General poem by T-Ralph


Long ago Jack became a born again
But wallows in sin again and again
Of his bad thoughts, he couldn´t bargain
His mind was lost, he couldn´t regain

So spiritual, he went up and high
But falls soon enough in hot oil and fry
Such times he sighs and begins to cry
So sad inside, he feels alone and dry

Again he recovers and soars above
In this pure state, he admires and loves
Sin and guilt crashes him like a one-winged dove
Jack again, in this cycle revolves

The message of law sets fire in his domain
Helpless and hopeless, Jack remains
But the true Gospel of Grace brings life to his veins
Just then, he knew his life won´t be in va ...

JESUS - The Answer for the World

General poem by T-Ralph


Everyday we face a world of chaos
People doing evil without remorse;

Humans are dying because of sickness
Doctors desperate for means of wellness;

So many, too poor living in hunger
Yet the corrupt with food on his finger;

There are those who always abound in pain
And those who could help look down in disdain;

Religious crisis, civil wars, disputes
Attempts to settle bring up more conflicts;

Yet still remains traces of racism
And the world still struck with terrorism;

The heart of men darkened with bitterness
Always avenging and no forgiveness;

Gaze to the sky to look at peaceful stars
But down here are natu ...

All I want is YOU

General poem by T-Ralph


When I am lost in sins
YOU find me with your arms of Grace.

When I am perishing in poverty
YOU bless me with Heavenly riches.

When I am oppressed on all sides
YOU delivered me into great freedom.

When I am in distress
YOU give me sweet comfort.

When I am faced with shame
YOU cover me with glory.

When I am confused
YOU give me clarity.

When I am at cross-roads
YOU give me direction.

When I am scared
YOU give me boldness.

When I can´t think straight
YOU give me sound-mind.

When I am weak
YOU re-new my strength.

When I get so busy
YOU carry my casted burden.

All ...

Choose to Rest

General poem by T-Ralph


In my troubles
And in my worries
I choose to rest
And watch God work out HIS best.

In my pain
I lost my gain
I choose to rest
To be heavenly blest.

I struggle to survive
Through the storms of the sea
I choose to rest
And pass my test.

In my sins
And good fight of faith
I choose to rest
Upon HIS Grace.

Through "my" search for greener pastures
I found myself in the valley and shadow of death
Now I choose to rest in the secret place
And HIS shadow overshadows all evil shadows

My past hunts me down
My present puts me down
But I choose to rest
Upon HIS Gracious arms, I lay.

I think, plan and strategize ...


General poem by Michael


"Hear oh Israel for the lord your God is one" Deuteronomy 6:4

For love is the foundation,
Of our God's throne it is,
We are in existence because of him,
With love he created us first,
He saved us again,
He said,
"I and the father are one"
"You shall be one in me, as I am one in the father"
In him we are one,
But at the mist of the enemy,
Lies the root of disagreement,
They come together,
To fight against us,
God's own body,
We defeat them,
With patience,
Despite with their number,
They end up fighting against themselves,
For they are not united,
In the days of Noah,
When the sons of God,
Married the da ...


General poem by destinedtee

I thought of the doings of the saint..
Spotless were his deeds, not a daint..
Walking in the paths of the Just..
Where righteousness and discipline is: A Must..

I tot of the deeds of the Sinner...
Whose conscience has been made to simmer..
In the pot of immorality and sin...
... To be eaten by the cravings of the flesh; unseen...

Then it dawned on me;
that sin is the offspring of the serpent..
Who decieved man, to be barnished and live..
In the desert of suffering, even if they repent..

It crawls its way into the conscious...
With cunning feels of charms and seeming pleasure..
It gets into the subconscious..
And fight the good spirits ...


General poem by Kinzzle


Am still a vessel oh lord
Use me
Though I might be rusty
Polish me
My works have made me dusty
Clean me

Am weak in my abilities, lord
Help me
Am not sure I can do this
Make me
The task frightens me
Hold me
I need to stand above my fears
Carry me

I have no power of my own
Anoint me
I feel empty within
Fill me
Am all yours lord



General poem by iphee...


How deep the Father's love for us
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure

How great the pain of searing loss
The Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the Chosen One
Bring many sons to glory

Behold the man upon a cross
My sin upon His shoulders
Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice
Call out among the scoffers

It was my sin that held Him there
Until it was accomplished
His dying breath has brought me life
I know that it is finished

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection

Why should I gai ...

Not Alone

General poem by Kinzzle


I do not walk alone
God is with me
He leads me through
Thus, am on the right part

I do not fight alone
It´s not really my fight
It´s the lord of host´s
Victory is sure

I do not speak alone
I have nothing to say
I only open my mouth
He fills it with words

I do not reason alone
Even when it seems right
His thoughts are always the best
Thus I have an expected end

I walk confidently
I fight victoriously
I speak life
I think Big
Am complete in him!

Kinzzle ...

To Whom Do You Belong To (Part 2)

General poem by Michael


I kneel before the king in spirit,
My lord and God, Jesus,
Not in my closet or the sanctuary,
Where people will see and say,
He calls upon God,
And the devil laughs,
But in the realm where the devil himself see and trembles,
And I pray in spirit and simple tongue,
Lord empty me,
Over again,
But this time,
Take me, reduce me,
Till I am nothing but what you created alone,
That I will be yours totally,
And make me,
Drop the toys and all,
That is for the devil,
At all cost,
That I,
The one made son of the king of king with power,
May sit by your side for evermore,
Saying Holy Holy Is The Lord,
Lord God Almighty,

Psalm 27:6 "And now shall mine head be lifte ...

To Whom Do You Belong To (Part 1)

General poem by Michael


I look to the heavens,
Endlessly thinking of drawing nearer,
Successful I was,
But for a little time it was,
Serious battled I was with my state,
What have I missed?
Where had I got it wrong?
Then he came to me,
In my weakest state,
Uncontrollable my emotions and thought were,
He left it in my heart,
Like a rich man has access to his property anywhere,
So it is for a poor man,
For if Christ has me by power,
Through redemption,
But yet I harbor the devil´s pet,
He, the devil can claim me anywhere,
What´s it I´ve got in me?
That makes my ownership doubtable,
Why does my heart still ask?

Trust in the LORD

General poem by T-Ralph


Always continue to trust in the LORD
Even if on your neck, is placed a sword.
Remember, it will make you a martyr
In the end, you´ll be dressed with the KING in glorious attire.

Always continue to trust in the LORD
Even if it´s almost broken, your spinal cord.
Remember, HE always understands
Even at points when you are below your stand.

Always continue to trust in the LORD
Even if everything looks bored
And there´s nothing in your pocket.
Just keep your faith plugged-in like in a socket.

Always continue to trust in the LORD
In all things, keep to HIS Word
And stand strong in HIS Wisdom
HE will give you the riches of the Kingd ...

Speak the WORD

General poem by T-Ralph


In front of you,
There is a mountain;
Always remember behind you,
God is your fountain.
So, speak!

In front of you,
There is a hill;
And right beside you,
Are packs of bills.
So, speak!

In front of you,
There is a valley;
And just ahead of you,
Is a dark alley.
So, speak!

In front of you,
There is a sea;
And very thirsty became you,
But sea-water is as bitter tea.
So, speak!

In front of you,
There is fire;
God says he will be with you,
Even in this dire.
So, speak!

Whatever transpires in your ward,
Always continue in proclamation of the WORD,
And await the transformation of your world.

So, speak the WORD ...


General poem by destinedtee


Heavenly Father,
Your warrior prepares for battle.
Today I claim victory over Satan
By putting on the whole armor of God

I put on the girdle of truth.
May I stand firm
In the truth of your Word
So I will not be a victim of Satan lies.

I put on the breastplate of righteousness,
May it guard my heart from evil,
So I will remain pure and holy,
Protected under the blood of Jesus Christ.

I put on the shoes of peace.
May I stand firm in the good news of the Gospel ,
So your peace, love, and joy will shine through me
And be a light to all I encounter this day.

I take up the shield of faith.
May I be ready for Satan´s fiery darts

Onward Forward Upward

General poem by T-Ralph


The Father´s Love draws, yet I chose to run,
On my own call, I chose to have fun,
With a loud Voice, I heard the warning to burn,
With a Love-conviction, I chose to turn.

With Wisdom, I am not deceived,
That whatever, from the devil I receive,
Eventually, the devil will thrice retrieve,
For all, I look up to the Holy Conceived!

With God I started the race,
Afraid I may not leave a trace,
Now I can do it by His Grace,
And HE will enlightened my face.

Too much soot, I need to stop smoking,
Like a mould, I need a breaking,
Like a clay, I need a setting,
HE will design me with HIS Making.

From now on, I begin to gain,
Never again go ...

HE Will

General poem by T-Ralph


God is full of Light,
And the things that HE does are right.

God is full of Love,
Even sinners come to HIM without a glove.

HE will wash you till you´re white as snow,
And you begin to glow.

HE will make you stand upright,
Till you begin to live aright.

HE will turn your life around,
And in all things, make you abound.

HE is the Alpha and Omega,
Therefore, you will never be a beggar.

HE will take you higher,
Above this fire.

HE is the Beginning and the End,
So, you can rest with peace on your bed.

HE owns the future,
And HE will heal every suture.

HE is the King of Kings,
In your ...

Jesus lives

General poem by goldpii


Many are the woes and crimes of the wicked
Though God´s grace separates me from them.
My soul finds rest in God´s love alone
As my salvation comes from Him.

I will never conform to the pattern of the world
Instead I shall transform by renewing my mind.
My faith in Jesus and what He stands for
Teaches be forgiving, merciful and kind.

Jesus lives in the hearts and souls of every Christian
And His Spirit helps them overcome weakness and sin.
Christians are free to surrender and serve God´s will
Avoiding what is ungodly, justify their blessings and begin again.

goldpii ...

come holy spirit

General poem by goldpii


Come Holy Spirit to this place
Come fill this place with fire
To cleanse us, shake us,
Fill with awe, Your presence
Your desire.

You have been sent to teach all things
To comfort and to show
It's not by power or by might
But by the Spirit now.

When Jesus was upon the earth
He said the Comforter would come
To only those who would believe
And be witness of His Son.

You think there may be other ways
To the Father, please take heed.
Jesus said "I am the way, the
Truth, the Life no other you will need.

We fight not flesh, but powers unseen
And principalities of might.
But Jesus resurrection showed
The devils must take flight.

one solitary life

General poem by goldpii


He was born in an obscure village.
He worked in a carpenter shop until he was about thirty.
He then became an itinerant preacher.
He never held an office.
He never had a family or owned a house.
He didn't go to college.
He had no credentials but Himself.

After preaching three years, the public turned against Him.
His friends ran away.
He was turned over to His enemies and went through the mockery of a trial.
He was nailed to a cross between two thieves.
While He was dying, His executioners gambled for His clothing, the only property He had on earth.
He was laid in a borrowed grave.

Nineteen centuries have come and gone,
and today He i ...

what a wonderful king

General poem by goldpii


I see cross of wood and his blood too
I watch them drop for me and you
And I say to myself what a wonderful king

I see crown of on his head and strip on his name
The sword of his side and his love towards us
And I say to myself what a wonderful king

Other love is his life he lied down for our sins
And also the grace he gave to every sinners that repent
I see blinds saying "yes I can see"
What then did I say to myself is you're a might king

I see the righteous people welcome to his kingdom
And others remaining condemned to hell forever
And I say to myself what a justice king you're,
Yes, I say to myself what a wonderful king.



General poem by Michael


In the mist of birds,
Its different,
It fly highest,
No one knows where it is,
It sees all,
But no bird sees it,
It is the strongest,
Killing more dangerous animals,
Carrying heavier animals,
At 40 years it becomes weak,
It wishes to die,
Unable to fly and hunt well,
Yet its refuses to die,
So it goes again,
To the highest mountain top,
To break its beak,
By striking its beak on the mountain top,
To remove its old and heavy feathers,
With the help of its new grown back beak,
Then it comes back,
After a long period of pain,
hungry and thirsty,
It goes to make its hunt,
Like a very young strong eagle,
It hunts again,
Only if men realise,
We are made to dominate,


General poem by Hephzibah


Why do you feel the whole world is on your shoulders?
Why bother to gather your feathers?
They are nothing compared to your father.
God clothed the birds with feathers in thousands;
Beautiful, graceful, majestic and never nervous.

Of all the lovely handiworks of God,
You are the loveliest.
Of all the good masterpieces of God,
You are the best.
So do yourself a favour,

Stop worrying, and start worshipping.
He deserves it for knowing all of you.

20th of Jan, 2013.

Hephzibah ...


General poem by Hephzibah


Death should be a thing of joy.
But what do you do or feel when it is premature?
But even when said to be premature,
By whose standard? God´s?
Or man´s?

When I think of death, I think of rest.
When you think of rest, don´t you think of death?
You hear people say sleep is different from death.
Of a truth that is true. Sleep is the best.
Now, who wants to die?

Fingers at this point flies around.
No one wants to die.
Yet the golden streets of heaven,
Almost everyone wants to walk.
Now, what do you and I have to do?

Of a truth I know, that there is heaven
And likewise there is hell.
Heaven I want to go. Hell is ...


General poem by destinedtee


Into the heart of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Seeking to know the reason
Why He should love me so,
Why He should stoop to lift me
Up from the miry clay,
Saving my soul, making me whole,
Though I had wandered away.

Into the will of Jesus,
Deeper and deeper I go,
Praying for grace to follow,
Seeking His way to know;
Bowing in full surrender
Low at His blessed feet,
Bidding Him take, break me and make,
Till I am molded, complete.

Into the cross of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Following through the garden,
Facing the dreaded foe;


General poem by UTlola


IN Him
We have a past no more
Our present, He fills with joy
Our future, a purpose in Him
If we surrender our will
He will fill us with His
And when our hopes fail
Dreams don´t fall through
He will show His plans for us
Is much better than our misplaced hopes
When you let Him lead
To be in the driver´s seat
You had better believe
That all is well indeed!

UTlola ...

Olorun Mi Yio Dide

General poem by goldpii



    Olorun mi yio dide ninu ogo re
    Yi o mu inu mi dun
    A yi gba mi pada si rere
    Yio wo mi laso ogo
    Yio bo aso egan mi kuro
    Oluwa mi yio dide nitori temi
    oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


    egbe ojo yin soke eyin Ilekun ona
    Ka gbe yin soke eyin ilekun ayeraye
    Je ki oba ogo ko wo nu agbo yi wa       oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


    arakunrin arabirin ema sunkun mo
    Egboju yin soke si olorun
    Yio wo yin laso ogo

Jesus Names

General poem by Danotsonfo


It's D Beginning of D End of d prev day;
D Bright Morning Star shines;
The Son of Man wakes;
he reads D Word, took D Bread of Life n digests it w/ D
Living Water;
he sets out on D Way cuz he's D Shepherd;
he rides on D Wheel in a Wheel;
passin thru The Gate into D True Vine;
he smells D Rose of Sharon;
u cn c D Lily of D Valley;
climbing down from D Rock of Ages are D Lion and D
and he uses D Rod of Salvation to lead them;
tellin dm D Truth dt he's D Alpha n Omega.
Jesus Christ, Happy B'day in arrears!
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Danotsonfo ...


General poem by Gbengaodeyinka


Some take ample time to read;
With fervor somewhat like greed;
But alas they are far from coming to wit;
With the transforming power of the Holy Writ.

All they care to know is "the letter";
The canons,tenets,precepts and rite;
But clasped they remain in sin´s fetters;
For the letter kills but life springs from the Spirit of Light.

So if in your being, fleshly works are rife;
And you´re alien to the kingdom life;
Then,you must come under the Spirit´s knife;
Only then can you be the Saviour´s "wife".

And if wife,claiming possession of "His Seed´;
Having taken to the "call" good hee ...


General poem by Mary


1 COR 13: 1-13

Love is patient, love is kind,
And not jealous,
Love does not brag,
And not arrogant, and not wicked to us,
Love is good.

Love does not act unbecomingly,
It does not seek its own, it´s not provoked,
Does not take into account a wrong suffered,
Does not rejoice in righteousness but rejoice with the truth,
Love is good.

Love makes all difference,
Love is the perfect solution,
And possible only when we are deeply aware of depth of forgiveness we have received.

Love bears all things, believes all things,
Love hopes all things, endures all things,
Love is good.



General poem by T-Ralph


I love YOU, LORD -
Even before I loved YOU,
YOU had loved me.
Even while I was yet a sinner,
YOU died for me.
Even while I yet hated YOU
YOU laid YOUR life for me.

I love YOU, LORD -
For YOUR Mercies endures forever
For YOUR Grace is abundant
For YOUR Goodness is great
And YOUR Mercies are new every morning for me
And of YOUR fullness have I received Grace for Grace
And YOUR Goodness follows me continually.

I love YOU, LORD -
For YOU set my feet on higher ground
For I´m with YOU in Heavenly places
For YOUR angels are in charge over me, bearing me up
For YOU are my Light and my Strength
For YOU are my Shield and my Buckler
For YOU are my Glor ...


General poem by T-Ralph


In Christ, is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, justification and redemption (Rom 3:24, 1Cor 1:2, 1:30)
In Christ, there is no condemnation for us (Rom 8:1)
In Christ, is freedom for us (Rom 8:2)
In Christ, nothing shall be able to separate us from the Love of God (Rom 8:39)
In Christ, is our establishment, stability and anointing (2Cor 1:21)
In Christ, is our triumph (2Cor 2:14)
In Christ, there is no more veil-covering (2Cor 3:14)
In Christ, we are a new creature (2Cor 5:17)
In Christ, it is not about circumcision ...


General poem by T-Ralph


In Him, is Life (Jn 1:4)
In Him, believe and receive remission for sins (Act 10:43, 13:38)
In Him, is Yes and Amen (2Cor 1:20)
In Him, we are made righteousness of God (2Cor 5:21)
In Him, we are chosen before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4)
In Him, all the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily (Col 1:9, 19)
In Him, we are complete (Col 2:10)
In Him, is Light (1Jn 1:5)

Through Him, we were, are and shall be saved (Jn 3:17, Rom 5:9)
Through Him, we are more than conquerors (Rom 8:37) ...


General poem by T-Ralph


He entered the field
A broken heart he has and all he could find.
Bad tools and bent instruments
Gave him the wrong implements.
He kept thinking the field and plants
Were his to claim.
How is he to plow and plant
For the JUDGE to be satisfied?

After much toiling and struggling
He met the Advocate
Who pleaded for his attention
"All who labour and heavy laden
I give rest", the Advocate promised.
... Knocking... Asking... Preaching... Drawing...

He accepted the Advocate
But his heart was not mended.
Rather, his heart was replaced -
A new heart was given.
Renewal of mind was required of him.
The Bread is the key.
From the new heart,
The ...