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A woman goes out to a refuse dump site to dispose her refuse. Beyond the site is a grand mansion with a large, beautiful garden. She walks to the mouth of the site, disposing the contents of her basket and stands admiring the mansion ahead, taking time to soak in its outline and grandeur. Its garden is aesthetically adorned with rare flowers and home to beautiful, colourful butterflies.

She calls out to her husband way behind her to come enjoy such beautiful scenery. He comes closer but not to her side. He can see the chimney of the house with the crowns of the flowers swinging just above the barbed fence. Oh such sensual gyration of the wind in playful romance with the sexes of the buds! He sees the colourful roof of the house with patterned embroidered in dexterity.

The wife calls out, "Come nearer, there's more to what you see! Come see the glass doors with a reflection of the cherubs above the chandeliers. There are servants clothed in purple suits and gold aprons. Oh baby, you should see the laughter on the ears of children frolicking about the stems of the mango tree, turning and turning between the legs of men who enjoy the wealth and breath of air of the big trunk!" The husband reply, "I can't come farther than this, darling. *My feet are exposed."*


Dear friend, there are certain joys and beauties of life you will never enjoy until you cover your strength of standing! You wonder why you're always getting hurt? Sometimes, it's because you are not standing well. Your foundation, the principles and values and beliefs that guide and guard your life are porous. The choices you have made in the past have left you exposed to fear and insecurity. People you've opened yourself to have deprived you of your sense of worth.

You need to go back and put on your shoes. Your feet are exposed! Stay, go back and remake! You are never gonna run on this delicate track of life comfortably and successfully if and when your feet are exposed. You'll step gingerly on some debris and your feet will be splintered. You'll avoid stepping into some risks that will yield great results because you will be afraid of getting your feet burnt.

Go back inside and put on your shoes; and cover your feet!

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