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Comment by Danotsonfo

As simple as XYZ
Firstly, know u can't stop it by urself bt by His help.
2ndly get a discipler or a loving xtian friend, an older person will b preferable, n talk to Him abt it. And both of una can pray 2geda
Also, u av to acknowledge and claim d power of d Gospel of Christ, dt it has come to save us(u must b truly born again if nt just tell Him sincerely, to rule and invade ur heart with His Love) and deliver us from our self, there4 u are an overcomer w/ Christ Jesus. Pray dt God deliver u from sin and proclaim w/ ur mouth dt u "hate sin" and acknowledge dt masturbatn is one.
Fast, Pray n STUDY ur bible cuz it will help u meditate on His Word more and let u forget sinful thoughts.
Do away w/ tins dt will enhance masturbatn like movies n pls dedicate more time to His word.

Remeber d more u plant Seeds (of His Word in ur life), d more u produce Fruits (of D Spirit)

Dz might nt b all, bt I bliv by His Power and Lovely Grace, it has worked. U can send me a msg I won't mind. I'll loveeeeee to help by His help. Remeber God loves u.

Dz can also apply to any "type" of masturbatn. I love u! ...


Comment by T-Ralph

I recommend a previous discussion about negative addictions. Follow the link below:
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Comment by destinedtee

They 've said it all...Meditate on the Word of God and trust the Holy Spirit to help you. ...


Comment by alexmadu

D trut is dis: u ll neva win fighting masturbation but u ll win by mastering what makes u do it. Gen4:7 ...


Comment by Tripple A

Tripple ATripple A
Hi, First of all, know that God loves you and that He is merciful. Psalms 103:14. Trust in God and let Him work in you do not withold anything from Him. And YES I AGREE with Danotsonfo, please do get a loving christian discipler or Christian friend and preferably who is older than you. One who will not judge you and who is trustworthy and has only the best interest for you, to the Glory of God. Tell Him about your strugles and let him walk with you through this.

I commend you to God, and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are santified (Acts 20:32) ...