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Comment by destinedtee

My first question to you sir/ma is this-'Are you born again' If no,then u need to be.The devil and his cohorts have easy access into the lives of those who are yet to surrender their lives to Christ.On the other hand if you are born again, all u need do is understand who you are in Christ.You are a winner in Christ.This is non-negotiable.What the devil does sometimes is play on the 'intelligence' of believers.That 'intelligence' is actually d ignorance of the believer in disguise.Get into the Scriptures to get your real identity.It's not just praying that matters but 'PRAYING WITH UNDERSTANDING'.Know who you are in Christ. The devil and those enemies confronting you are all under your feet.Ensure that you do not 'play' with sin also.The devil looks for loopholes in d lives of believers so as to claim he has the right to do whatever...See John 14:30...My bro/sis,If you are a child of God,walk in understanding and u will experience the victory that is yours in Christ.God bless you sir/ma. ...


Comment by oluwamary

GBAM!!! @Destinedtee, infact u took those words straight fom my mouth. Well-done sir! ...


Comment by oluwamary

Dear Poster, all i can add to all that has been said earlier is Eph 6:10-12 which in verse 10 says; "BE STRONG IN THE LORD &IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT" (How do u do ds? We are told in the next verse) Vs 11; "PUT ON the full armour of God SO THAT you can take ur stand against the devil's schemes". (Roger that!!!) My dear, nobody will do the 'putting on' for u, u av to consciously put on the FULL armour urself evrytime. You v to consciously kp ur spirit man strong everytime. Look, the strength of ur spirit determines d strength of ur body; it determines how much u can resist the wiles of the devil. (Prov 18:14). The devil strives always to kp our spirit weak so that he can torment us. The way 2kp ur spirit strong is kpn His Word in ur heart. The Sword of the Spirit (The Word) is the only offensive (attacking) armor we have, the others are defensive. THE WORD OF THE LORD IS LIVING &ACTIVE; Neva joke with the Word! (Heb 4:12).

My dear, sebi u've been praying &praying right &it seems nothing is working? What next to do in this case is to FEED UR SPIRIT!!! Get scripture verses in line with this situation &read them over &over again till the H/Spirit breathes life into it&it bcms real to u, till it bcms a revealed Word (Rhema) to u, till it bcms life to u, till it bcms medicine to ur flesh &strength to ur bones. Kp chanting the Word &wn next u pray, the devil wl respect ur prayer. Y? cz ure no longer in fear, the Word f God in ur spirit has gvn u mor confidence, 2)bcs There is nothing in the world the devil fears mor than the Word of God (Evn Jesus used it yl dealn wt d devil). Look, devil no respect person o or muscle or status, or else he wdnt v tempted Jesus. For e.g, scriptures u cn chew on are: The righteous is as bold as a lion, I am bold, i am of Jesus who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I am from the lineage of Lions, i cannot be afraid of the devil who is just a toothless dog. 'THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD...evn tho i walk tru the valley of the shadow death, I FEAR NO EVIL', 'The rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous', 'I am seated wt Christ in heavenly places, FAR ABOVE principalities &powers' 'Devil, u v no hold over me, I am saved by Grace &washed by the Blood therefore i am righteous', 'As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people', 'The Lord is my shield &my buckler', 'The Lord is my refuge &my fortress', 'The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it &is saved'...**i cn volunteer to search out mor scriptures for u if u wnt dt u cn write out &b chewing**) Try ds &u'll see d result within days. Devil sef go know say tns v changed cz dia'll definitely b a shift in d spirit realm &he wl warn his demons off ur back. Peace!

N.B: I'll personally pray along wt u (&i ...


Comment by oluwamary

N.B: I'll personally pray along wt u for these drms to stop, for victory in &out f ur slp (&i enjoin others in the house to pls do the same.) till u grow ur spirit to a point wia ure able to personally stand ur ground against the devil &resist him. ...


Comment by T-Ralph

Thanks destinedtee and oluwamary.

Also, I will like to add that you need to set yourself free from "mental bondage". The fact that you have these dreams and eat in the dreams doesn't mean you are in any sort of bondage or affliction. Christ has come to set you free and you are indeed free in Christ Jesus (Jn 8:36) irregardless of situations, dreams, circumstances, people idelogy about dreams and sorts, etc.

Another thing that will change your prayers is the knowledge of the Truth that the only enemy any Christian has is the devil (because the devil, our adversary, is as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour - 1Pet5:8). Hence, your enemy is not a wicked witch in your village or any human.

As a result, when you study the Scriptures and realise that your only enemy (the devil) has been defeated several times (one of its defeat was on the Cross) and will be defeated again (Rev 12:7-11) , you rejoice in your freedom in Christ Jesus. So, get to the Word and know your rights and power as a son of God (Jn 1:12 - as many as received HIM, HE gave power to become the sons of God...).

The devil has no right at all over you because you are a believer in HIS dear Son, Jesus Christ. Christ won and we (all christians including you, as long as you believe) are risen with Christ and seated in heaven places far above principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 1:21). All of them are below your feet because you are in Christ Jesus.

These and many more such verses should be your declaration in prayers (and not "firing" any witch/wizard somewhere).

This is our victory that overcomes the world, even our Faith (in the Word of God) because we are born of God through salvation in Christ Jesus - 1Jn 5:4

Then, whenever the thought of the dream crosses your mind, you need to declare with your own mouth the freedom that Christ has paid for you with HIS blood.

Bro/Sis, just STUDY, DECLARE and REST in your freedom in Christ Jesus. Amen. ...


Comment by He-is-able

well,i perceive dt u need to check d company of people u move's not dt u r not a christian but anyone u listen to or u pay much attention to influences u both physically and spiritually. ...