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Comment by destinedtee

Well,it depends on personal perception and understanding...For me,i believe church should be for mutual fellowship and spiritual growth.Some go to church because of problems and d likes and i am not in any way against that but for me,the primary reason includes fellowship and spiritual growth.Thanks. ...


Comment by T-Ralph

I think some people go to church because they were born in a christian family. Hence, church attendance on Sundays is a routine so as to please God (not to offend GOD by their absence from church).

Some go to church because of their problms as they consider the church as a problem-solving venue ALONE. Once, the problem is solved, they keep attending so as to prevent the resurfacing of such problems or another problem entirely.

Some also go to church because they are looking for a moral and good life partner (husband/wife). They consider the church as a source of sexually pure and morally clean individuals fit for marriage. That is their sole reason for coming.

And I think there are more reasons as well.
Amidst all these, I believe the church is a place of worship to God, Almighty. Hence, people should go because they wanna encounter God. David said that he was glad when he was told, "Let us go into the house of God." (Ps 122:1)
I believe the church is a place for fellowship with God and with fellow saints (1Jn 1:3, 7). ...


Comment by Tripple A

Tripple ATripple A
Sad as it may be, I think many people today go to church only to solve their 'spiritual' problems. That explains why there are so many quack preachers today who find the church a very lucrative bussiness opprtunity. This is because they find a very desperate congregation that is willing to do anything just to solve their 'spiritual' problem and so they lie to them that by giving and in particular, giving huge amounts of money or any other property that sells well in the market today, they are in a way, able to bribe God into solving their 'spiritual' problems. I think the church should be a place of fellowship where belivers are not afraid to correct one another when they are in error, encorage one another and spur one another on towards love and good deeds. (Hebrews 20:24-25). A bunch of forgiven sinners taking each other to heaven, Gods grace beeing sufficient and ever growing in the knowledge and love of Our God as we seek His glory in all we do. ...


Comment by oluwamary

Hmmmn....vry apt @Tripple A ...