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Comment by T-Ralph

I wouldnt know who is to be blamed because I am man and my jurisdiction to judge only applies to angels and things of this world (1Cor 6:3)...but, not to judge a fellow man (Mat 7:1, Lk 6:37).

However, I think we can take a clue from the One who is authorised to judge, i.e., God, Himself. If God could curse both man, woman and serpent for the disobedience, then, I think they are all to blame and the Just God we serve, gave each of them a commensurate punishment for his/her/its crime respectively.

Thank God for Jesus Christ who is the Last Adam and has redeemed us from the curse of the law; the curses of Adam and Eve inclusive (1Cor 15:45, Gal 3:13). ...


Comment by Salvation of God

Salvation of GodSalvation of God
This is not about judging adam or eve.just from ur view,between adam and eve only.who is to be blamed? Want to derived to know one or two things.later i will share my reasons for the question ...


Comment by oluwamary

ADAM! He was the one whom God gave the instructions. God had even given him the instruction of 'not eatn frm the tree of the knowledge of good &evil' before Eve was even created(Gen 2:15-18), its him who didn't properly communicate the instructions to his wife (i assume, bcs nowhere in d Bible did God repeat the instructions to Eve), so Adam left an uninformed/misinformed/partially informed wife under his nose. No wonder when the devil came to "vive" her asking "Did God really say..."(Gen 3:1), she failed woefully &there &then, the devil had an edge.

This is a serious lesson for all Men (husbands, fiancees, even bosses(-in dir business rltnshps)) out there, learn to properly communicate your visions,specific instructions God gave u,ambitions &all to your spouses/partners. Ensure you're on the same wavelength ALWAYS. Y? To keep the serpent out.
What's the essence of marriage in which there is no uniformity of purpose? Bible says "Two shall become One" bt sadly many couples v only become one with their spouses in their bodies alone, in the realm of their soul &even spirit, they are poles apart.
I desire a marriage in which when you ask me a question as regards anything &you instantly put a call thru to my husband, you hear the same thing. Nw that's communicatn!
Or tell me, wen scriptures says "one shall chase a thousand &two shall chase ten thousand", how did Adam except Eve to run that race wt him wen to even start with, he didn't feed her with the necessary information, guidelines, rules or terms &conditions of the race.

Man, Your woman is ur helpmeet, help her to help ur destiny by PROPERLY communicating your vision to her.
#sorry,i vex small. ...


Comment by T-Ralph

@Salvation of God
I now understand better

thanks for that exposition... make sense ...