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Jer 33:3 says ask me and I will tell you great and mighty things u know not! I've been pondering on this verse of the scripture lately! And am wondering "if God is an unquestionable God why then does He give us an IV to ask Him questions?" Also ephesian 4:8-10 says when christ went to heaven He took MANY captives(from hell) with him(paraphrased) am wondering, were these captives does that were formally under the law before Christ's death and resurrection??!...oya eyin guys me e joo e soro oo


I don't jst understnd why when we come togeda as Christians especially @d beginning of a service or meeting, we spend kiloJoules of energy praying to invite the presence of God into our midst. You hear the person leading d prayer, in his most pious voice, say smtn like "Let us now begin to invite the presence of God into our midst this evening to fellowship with us" &u'll hear ppl (including me, in d past) screaming @d top of our voice &sweating inviting Him. Uuuuhn, Which presence again abeg Sebi Scriptures tell us the Spirit of God abides IN us &also dt wia two or three of us are gathered in His Name, HE IS THERE WITH US!!! Biko, y do we have to spend hours "inviting" Him again wen He is already there with us??? I'd rather spend that time thanking Him for His ever-abiding presence with us.. Let us rub minds on this &oda common prayer points dts unscriptural. God bless us.


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Comment by oluwamary

Hmmmn, sis can shed more light on dat question pls? I don't seem to fully get you. Tnx ...


Comment by T-Ralph

@mylove4Christ I agree with @oluwamary that you shed more light on what you mean so we can all understand better and learn together.

However, taking your words literally, I would say it is painful for anyone to quit at the point of victory. Christ has already given us victory (Jn 16:33, 1Jn 5:4), hence, no one should quit at all holding unto the Word of Faith and the Love of God.
We do everything we do as christians from the point of victory. Christ has already overcome the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our "Faith". ...


Comment by destinedtee

'Letting go' at the point of victory is tantamount to losing the battle.As believers,we are encouraged to endure to d end.The fact that we are 'ALMOST THERE' doesn't mean we are there yet.We should see to it that we don't cancel/terminate divine processes in our life even at the verge of victory.Moses was almost there(the promise land) but did not get there....Beloved of God,let's trust God for grace to hold on to the end and not give up even at the point of victory. ...


Comment by mylove4christ

Thanks to you all. ...


Comment by Michael

hum. Sorry for lengthen this dicussion but I want to ask how can one know if he is close to victory? Or is it possible to know? ...


Comment by destinedtee

@Michael: It all depends on d situation.D children of Israel were almost there.They sent spies to even see d land.The remaining distance to Canaan is quite insignificant when compared to d one they have covered hence they were at d verge of victory and they all knew.A scenario where a man and his wife has been trusting God for a child and d woman gets pregnant.The pregnancy stage is d verge of victory.They could still decide to terminate d divine process by their negative words or unbelief...So my dear brother,in some cases we are aware.However,in some other cases,we ARE NOT aware o.Let's take for example a job seeker:How can he/she knows d point of victory? The truth is this:Let us leave d issue of 'd point of victory' and rather focus on our FAITH to get us d results we need.Let's trust God for grace to have a FAITH that will see us through to d end....Let's be determined to have FAITH by meditating on the Word.Let's not bother ourselves too much about d timing of our situation.Let's concentrate on our Faith...Thanks ...