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I don't jst understnd why when we come togeda as Christians especially @d beginning of a service or meeting, we spend kiloJoules of energy praying to invite the presence of God into our midst. You hear the person leading d prayer, in his most pious voice, say smtn like "Let us now begin to invite the presence of God into our midst this evening to fellowship with us" &u'll hear ppl (including me, in d past) screaming @d top of our voice &sweating inviting Him. Uuuuhn, Which presence again abeg Sebi Scriptures tell us the Spirit of God abides IN us &also dt wia two or three of us are gathered in His Name, HE IS THERE WITH US!!! Biko, y do we have to spend hours "inviting" Him again wen He is already there with us??? I'd rather spend that time thanking Him for His ever-abiding presence with us.. Let us rub minds on this &oda common prayer points dts unscriptural. God bless us.


Jer 33:3 says ask me and I will tell you great and mighty things u know not! I've been pondering on this verse of the scripture lately! And am wondering "if God is an unquestionable God why then does He give us an IV to ask Him questions?" Also ephesian 4:8-10 says when christ went to heaven He took MANY captives(from hell) with him(paraphrased) am wondering, were these captives does that were formally under the law before Christ's death and resurrection??!...oya eyin guys me e joo e soro oo


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Comment by T-Ralph

@Mastakey By Ileya meat, I assume you mean the meat (and/or food generally) prepared during the muslim festival known as "Ileya" in this part of Nigeria.
I believe 1Cor 8:1-13 explains it all. There is only one true God, and HE is the One we Christians serve. Even though there are other gods/lords, they are far lesser than the True God. Hence, we cannot be defiled by these small gods because they are nothing and they mean nothing (ver 4-6).
However, some christians dont have a deeper understanding of God's Word and their minds, including their conscience, is weak and it condemns them even on things that dont matter (ver 7). Hence, for these type of christians, eating such meat/food will defile them because of their weak conscience.
Therefore, it is not eating the meat/food that defiles but mere thinking that you can be defiled by eating the meat alone, is enough to defile the christian.
Hence, there is no crime in eating "ileya" meat simply because the gods of this earth are nothing at all compared to the One True God we serve. Moreso, our justification comes from the Living God, hence, any lord/god on earth cannot defile us in any way.
Paul also added that the sole reason he would avoid any of such meat is if there is a brother around him that would be offended or cause the brother to fall or discouraged on the brother's weak conscience because of eating, that's the only time he avoids it (ver 10-13).

In summary, thank God we are men of understandinv in this place and we teach one another to grow in understanding. So, we know that the Just shall live by Faith (Rom 1:17) and it is not what enters a man's mouth that defiles him (Matt 15:16-20). ...


Comment by Dotunxp

u r eating meat into ur stomach not spirit , so i dont see anytin wrong in dat. unless u dont want to eat on hygenic grounds ...


Comment by Jokes

@my Bro,i no know d place wey our Father picked u from.well done(s) ...


Comment by holynation

Hmm.it depends on d christian,i mean wat he/she believes.If d Holy spirit said son dnt eat, then ure justify by His saying. ...