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Comment by T-Ralph

From my side, I can't say exactly why they don't use drums in their church because I don't attend the church neither do I listen to their messages.
However, I recall I once had a friend in secondary school who told me that the reason they don't use drums and some other musical instruments in their church is because it promotes ungodly dances and seductive feminine dance styles.
I can not attest to the afore-mentioned reason because I did not hear it directly from the G.O./founder. It is just from a member of the church.

Anyways, our focus as christians is not to base our faith on mere traditions that lead to doctrines that don't produce life/Zoe (2Cor 3:6, Matt 15:1-9 esp ver 9). But, we are to focus on the undiluted Truth and Grace in God's Word.
Remain Blessed, anonymous. ...


Comment by Jokes

I tink u're ryt sir.i attended d church not long ago n my self-discovery is similar to wat d fellow said ...