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Abeg help put mouth in this matter. I declared 21days fasting for myself on not getting myself arose in any manner of sense to avoid the usual sin I'm used to committing, in order to get what have been desiring for(speaking in tongues) since. just of recent, I went 4a church program on wednesday where the prayer session was so hot(#fall&die). Then came this feeling of speaking in my spirit which I resisted but before I knew, I started speaking but I stopped willingly but my spirit didn't stop. Also, I did this because I knew not what I was saying(according to Paul in the book of corinthians) and also during this 21days fasting I broke maybe 7 or less but the spirit didn't stop speaking when am praying or reading scriptures. I then prayed to God to help stop it and forget but it haven't stop. Am so confuse, pls help… thank you.


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Comment by T-Ralph

One basic principle that cuts across hearing God is that whatever means or method by which we percieve God’s instruction or leading, it must be in correlation with God’s Word (The Holy Bible). This is because God will never go against HIS Word (Matt 5:18, Ps 138:2). HIS Word endures forever; hence, no leading or instruction will go against God’s Word. Therefore, any leading or instruction that conradicts HIS Word is not from God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33). We should also be flexible to HIS instructions and not be stiff-necked like Peter almost was, so we don’t restrict God’s works, plans and purposes that HE desires to accomplish through the instruction/leading (Acts 10 & 11)...

I recommend you read this article -
[Article- HOW DOES GOD SPEAK TO US? by Editorial Crew] ...


Comment by T-Ralph

Here's the proper link to the article:

[Article - HOW DOES GOD SPEAK TO US? by Editorial Crew]

http://www.teachingoftheword.com/show_article.php?article_id=101 ...


Comment by oluwamary

Hello sis, I'll recommend that you read a book by Kenneth E. Hagin titled "How you can be led by the Spirit of God". It helped me get it right too. It's the hard cover I have, let me check to see if I can get you the E-copy.
Cheers! ...


Comment by oluwamary

Ok, so here's the link to the book.

2. http://www.teachingoftheword.com/books/How%20You%20Can%20Be%20Led%20By%20The%20Spirit%20of%20God%20By%20Kenneth%20E.%20Hagin.pdf ...


Comment by oluwamary

Here are excerpts from the book..

Chapter 11
11Number Two: The Inward Voice
I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my
conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy
—Romans 9:1
The number one way the Spirit guides us is through the
inward witness. Number two is by the inward voice.
The inward man, who is a spirit man, has a voice—just
as the outward man has a voice. We call this voice of the
inward man conscience. We call this voice the still small
Your spirit has a voice. Your spirit will speak to you.

In September 1966 we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma,
from Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. We had lived
there 17 years. The move came about like this: My wife
and I were in Tulsa on business. The ministry was growing
and I had already figured out in my head what I would do
with my office and home in Texas to accommodate the
growth. But a friend with whom we were staying in Tulsa,
said, "Brother Hagin, you ought to move to Tulsa. Brother
T. L. Osborn's old office building is for sale. His business
manager asked me to sell it for them." Then he quoted their
price. It was extremely low. But I was not interested.
Finally, he said, "Let's go look at it." I went along just to
humor him.
The minute I stood inside that building a buzzer went
off inside of me. (Sometimes that inward witness is so real
it can almost sound like an inward "buzzer.") I knew as
well as I knew my name, this is it! But I didn't want to
listen to it; I wanted to stay in Garland.
(That's why we don't hear a lot of times. We don't want
to hear. We say we do, but we don't.) ...


Comment by oluwamary

Back at our friend's home, my wife asked me about the
"Oh, no. I've already got it all figured out. We'll stay
where we are. We'll turn our whole home into an office.
And we'll just stay in Garland."
We went to bed that night, but I couldn't sleep.
Ordinarily, I have no trouble sleeping. The Bible says,
"... he giveth his beloved sleep" (Ps. 127:2). I am His
beloved. So are you. "... he hath made us accepted in the
beloved'' (Eph. 1:6). So I always claim the promise of God
and say, "Lord, I'm Your beloved. So I take You at Your
Word. I thank You for sleep." And I always go to sleep.
But this time, I couldn't. My conscience was hurting.
My conscience is the voice of my spirit. My spirit knows I
didn't listen to it.
Lying there quietly in the nighttime, I said, "Lord, if
you want me to move to Tulsa, I will. In the natural, I don't
want to move there, but I wouldn't want to stand in Your
Then on the inside of me I heard the still small voice.
Now I'm not talking about the Spirit of God speaking.
When the Holy Spirit speaks it is more authoritative. The
still small voice is the voice of our own spirit speaking. But
our own spirit picks it up from the Holy Spirit who is in us.
That still small voice, that inward voice, not
authoritative, just something on the inside of me said, "I am
going to give you that building."
I laughed. I know there is a lot of unbelief about this,
but I said, "Okay. When you do, I'll believe it."
That inward voice, picking up on what the Holy Spirit
was saying, said, "You watch me.

Without going into all the details, it would surprise you
how God gave us that building. ...


Comment by oluwamary

Chapter 16


"For if our heart condemn us, God is greater
than our heart, and knoweth all things.
Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have
we confidence toward God."
—1 John 3:20,21

Does the Holy Spirit condemn you if you do wrong as a
No. It is your spirit that condemns you.
You need to learn that. It's a hard lesson to learn,
however, because we have been taught incorrectly.
The Holy Spirit will not condemn you. Why? Because
God won't.

Study what the Holy Spirit through Paul wrote
in the Epistle to the Romans. He asked: Who is it that
condemns? Does God condemn? No, it is God that
Jesus said that the only sin the Holy Spirit will convict
the world of is the sin of rejecting Jesus (John 16:7-9).

It is your own conscience—the voice of your own spirit
—that knows when you have done wrong.

I have found that even when I do wrong, though my
spirit condemns me, the Holy Spirit is there to comfort me,
to help me, to show me the way back. You will never read
in the Bible where the Holy Spirit is a condemner. Jesus
called Him the Comforter. The seven-fold meaning of that
word from the Greek is brought out in The Amplified Bible:
JOHN 14:16 Amplified
16 And I will ask the Father, and He will give you
another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor,
Advocate, Strengthener and Standby) that He may
remain with you forever. ...


Comment by oluwamary

The Holy Spirit is all of those! He will stand by you
when no one else will. He will help you. He is a Helper!

It is your own spirit that knows the moment you have
done wrong.

I am glad I learned that early. It has paid off
richly for me in life.
I was barely saved and healed and back in high school
when the following incident occurred: I really don't know
why it slipped out—no one in our family used profanity.
But we had a neighbor, bless his heart, who could—as we
say in Texas—"cuss up a storm." You could hear him all
over our end of town. I suppose I picked it up from him.
Anyway, I simply said to one of the boys, "Hell, no ...
(something or other)."
The minute I said that I knew on the inside it was
wrong. What was it that condemned me? the Holy Spirit?
No. It was my spirit. My spirit, this new creature, this new
man doesn't talk that way. The Life and Nature of God
doesn't talk that way. Now the flesh, the outward man, may
want to go on doing some things that he did before, and
talking in ways he talked before, but you have to crucify
the flesh. A good way to crucify the flesh—the outward
man—is to bring your mistakes right out in the open.
I did that right then. I didn't wait until I was moved. In
my heart I said, "Dear God, forgive me for saying that."
The young man I said it to had walked away. I located him
and asked him to forgive me. He hadn't noticed what I'd
said; he was used to people talking that way. But I had to
get it right.

It was the voice of my spirit. It was my conscience. My
conscience was tender, and I didn't want to violate it.
Unless you keep a tender conscience, spiritual things will
be indistinct to you. That's because your conscience is the voice of your spirit and it is your conscience—the voice of
your spirit—that will relate to your mind what the Spirit of
God is saying to you down in your heart. ...


Comment by oluwamary

The Bible speaks about Christians even having their
conscience seared:

"Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience
seared with a hot iron."

Learn to keep a tender conscience. Learn the minute
you miss it and your conscience condemns you, to correct
it right then. Don't wait until you go to church.
Immediately say, "Lord, forgive me. I missed it." If you
have to, if someone else saw or heard you, tell that person
right away, "I did wrong. Please forgive me. I shouldn't
have said that."
You will have to keep your spirit tender if you are
going to be led by the Spirit. ...


Comment by oluwamary

Chapter 19

Number Three: The Voice of the
Holy Spirit

"While Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit
said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee."
—Acts 10:19

God leads us by what we call the still small voice. But
He also leads us by the voice of the Spirit of God speaking
to us. This is the third way we are led by the Spirit.

(Number one is by the inward witness. Number two is by
the inward still small voice. Number three is by the more
authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit.

There is a difference between the inward voice of the
Holy Spirit speaking to our spirits, and that still small voice
which is the voice of our own spirit speaking to us.

the Holy Spirit within you speaks, it is more authoritative.

Sometimes it is so real it almost seems to be an audible
voice; you may even look around to see who said it. It may
seem so audible sometimes that you may think someone
behind you said something. But then you realize it was in

Remember in the Old Testament how the young boy
Samuel heard a voice call his name, "Samuel, Samuel?" He
thought Eli was calling him. He jumped up and ran to Eli to
find out what he wanted. Eli said, "No, I didn't call you."
Samuel went back to bed. Then again he heard, "Samuel,
Samuel." Again he ran to Eh. "No, I didn't call you." It
happened the third time. Finally, it dawned on Eli what was
happening. Eli said, "The next time the Lord calls you,
answer Him." So the next time it happened, Samuel
answered that voice, and the Lord spoke further to him (1
Sam. Chapter 3). ...


Comment by oluwamary

Chapter 20

Judging By the Word

"Prove all things...."
—1 Thessalonians 5:21

Always remember this: the Bible teaches that the Spirit
of God and the Word of God agree. Anytime the Spirit of
God speaks to you, it will always be in line with the Word.

People have heard "voices" and have gotten every kind
of "revelation" you can imagine. Some people are always
claiming to hear a voice.
You can, and you should, judge these things. You can
judge whether spiritual experiences are right or wrong
simply by judging them by the Word

1 Cor 14:10 ...


Comment by oluwamary

Chapter 21

My Spirit? The Flesh? Or The
Holy Spirit?

"The spirit of man is the candle of the
—Proverbs 20:27

Someone might ask, "How can I tell whether it is my
own spirit, or the Holy Spirit telling me to do something?"

The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord."

But it may just be me wanting to do it."

Define your terms. If by "me" you mean the flesh, of
course you cannot always obey the flesh. But if by "me"
you mean the inward man, the real you, then it is all right
to obey the inward man. Go ahead and do what he wants
you to do.

If your spirit is a new creature in Christ Jesus and old
things have passed away and all things are become new,
and your spirit has the life and nature of God in it and the
Holy Spirit in it, and your spirit is in fellowship with God
—it is not going to tell you to do something that is not

If you are a Spirit-filled Christian, your inward man
has the Holy Spirit in His fullness—not in a measure, but in
His fullness—making His home in you.

It is not the inward man of the Christian that wants to
do wrong—it is the outward man. You ought to be able to
tell whether it is the flesh wanting to do something, or the

Here is a text that has been a puzzle to many:

1 JOHN 3:9
"Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for
his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because
he is born of God." ...


Comment by oluwamary

This is talking about the inward man.

Physically we are
born of human parents and we partake of their nature.

Spiritually we are born of God and partake of His nature.

God's nature is not the nature to do wrong.

I have missed it a lot of times as a Christian.

But my
inward man did not sin.

He didn't even agree with me when
I did sin. He tried to get me not to do it. My heart wept
because I sinned.

I allowed my flesh to dominate and I
missed it, but my spirit never did consent to it.

God's seed
is in my spirit, not in my flesh.

If you continue to allow your flesh to dominate you,
you will continue to miss it.

If you continue to let your
natural mind dominate you, and do not get your mind
renewed with the Word, you will continue to miss it.

That's why Paul wrote born-again, Spirit-filled
Christians at Rome and told them to do two things:

they were to present their bodies, and second, they were to
renew their minds with the Word (Rom. 12:1,2).

Until your mind is renewed with the Word of God, your
flesh and your unrenewed mind will dominate your spirit.

That will keep you as a baby Christian—a carnal Christian.

Paul said to the church at Corinth, "I, brethren, could
not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal,
even as unto babes in Christ" (1 Cor. 3:1).
"For ye are yet carnal...," he said (v. 3).

One translation
says, "For you are yet body-ruled."

Then he told them, "... and [ye] walk as men" (v. 3).

Another translation says, "Ye walk as mere men."

What did
he mean? He meant they were walking and doing things
just like unsaved men do.

When you get your mind renewed with the Word, then
your mind will side in with your spirit instead of with your body.

And the two of them—your spirit through your mind
—will control your body. ...


Comment by oluwamary

My spirit will not tell me something wrong.

It has the
nature of God in it; it has the life of God in it; it has the
love of God in it; and it has the Spirit of God in it.

2 PETER 1:4
"Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and
precious promises: that by these ye might be
partakers of the divine nature...."

We are born of God. Then we feed on the Word of

By so doing we are partakers of the divine nature,
God's nature.

If we have the divine nature in us, our spirit
will not tell us to do something wrong.

Whatever your spirit tells
you will be right. ...


Comment by oluwamary

So, that's it. Please carefully through it, I hope you find the answers you seek therein...

All the best! ...


Comment by Holarmary

Tank u very much ma ...


Comment by oluwamary

You're very much welcome, ma! ...