Being "śround the world
Seen so many faces
Faced so many cases
E no reach wetin you do me
Brought me out of shame
Turned my darkness into day
Even when I´m all alone
You´re not far away

Rap Stanza One:
The truth is sometimes it feels like you´re not there
And I send this voicemail and it´s like I´m talking to air
So I´m leaving this message after the tone
I´m like an alien ET phone home
Over these beats I breathe these poems
In my soul, I feel a hole like the ozone
But I remember You won´t leave me alone
Even when all the haters throw stones
I´ve not been to Italy but I roam
Draw me close when my soul groans
And I know you hear the sign, pray as I pray
And no matter what, You are not far away

You´re not far away "... Away "... (2x)
Not far away (3x)
You´re not far away "... Away "... (3x)

Rap Stanza Two:
Give me little sugar for my tea
Of course, I want some cake, you can add toast when you are at it
I´ve seen so many things in life to make me panic
But you clear the air when it´s static
I was so good
When Jesus pulled me up, my fashion I got to show you
Everything I´ve got You gave me
My face is black and white like a Charlie Jackie movie
You pick me up like saggy jeans
You give me a new song so I rapping my hymns
So I never fear but this I know
When things are about to blow up
I know my God will show up


Rap Stanza Three:
I´m looking at the past through my rear view
Moving forward now "ścos I´ve got a clear view
I feel so fly no bell view
I can show you better than I can tell you
Don´t let none of these troubles scare you
It´s only life trying to double dare you
But if your faith is in God I swear you
We´ll rise to the top like air do
And they´ll hear you
And they´ll see you
And they´ll ask questions like what did he do?
Some might even go ahead and wanna be you
"śCos you´re soaring so high like an eagle

Chorus (2x)


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