Stanza 1:
Wish I didn't always compare myself
Wanting what You give to somebody else
Wish that I felt a little more content just being me
Just being me
Wish I wasn´t stuck on what's going wrong
Wish I'd just enjoy this ride I'm on
Remember how good You've always been
Cause I believe I believe

It's enough that You know what I'm needing
It's enough just to go where You're leading
Keep my feet on the path and my empty hands
Always reaching up
It's enough just to breathe in the moment
And wherever I am I can know this
If I have nothing else
I will always have Your love Your love
And that's enough that's enough oh that's enough

Stanza 2:
Gonna be days when I'm falling short
Missing every dream that I'm reaching for
When nothing in life is going like I wish it would
I wish it would
But I know even when it falls apart
You are still God and You hold my heart
This is the valley but You're taking me to somewhere good
Somewhere good


To lift my eyes and to calm my soul
To grow my faith and to give me hope
Jesus You're enough
You're enough




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