Though Ordinary Made Extra Ordinary

General poem by Michael


I fail with words,
Speeches and essays all alike,
Weak in heart,
Short in sight,
Nevertheless, I am strong,

How can this be,
An ordinary man,
Possess extraordinary ground,
Cos of Christ, a saviour

Like all others,
I have this pleasures,
Yet I am rest assured,
Heart beats assured,
Even as I write,
My story speaks assurance,
I lean and cling,
I speak and boast,
I believe and receive,
Even to doing good deeds,
And Thinking right thoughts,
All this I do,
Believing and receiving,

I am extraordinary Cos of Christ,
I boast of his work,
It causes me to rest,
And who is this saviour?
It's Jesus,Son of God

For he cried,
Died and was buried,
Resurrected and ascended,
That I become extraordinary,
Not by my works nor deeds,
Through faith achieved,
Grace manifest,
Love store,
Forever keeps me,
In the beauty and provision,
Of Christ, this Jesus
Who make me extraordinary
Victory Hallelujah


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