General poem by Michael


As a new baby in Christ,
I felt so much power and strength,
The will to carry the touch was strong in me,
I went on like this for a while,
I got weak,
Not that I backslidden,
But it was just too much for me to bear,
I was heavily weighed down,
My strength couldn´t carry me any longer,
I couldn´t read the word nor pray any longer,
Time wasn´t enough,
Little did I know?
I had forgotten grace,
For by grace I am saved,
And by grace am I sustained,
"If God does not build a house the builder builds in vain" Psalm 127:2
I noted this in my predicament,
When I was weak and my heart burdened me,
I saw great visions,
I felt his strong presence with me,
It was like he loved me the more,
But I soon slipped away,
I became to idle,
I knew that was coming,
Because he told me himself,
But I was too weak to respond,
Then he said this "You shall rise again to become even stronger"
That was when he went
Out of my heart reach,
Suddenly I had the strength,
Physical strength to follow God,
I went back to the throne of mercy,
Guess what,
I found Grace and favour,
Of cause he await,
The coming home of a backsliding heart,
A prodigal son,
That was when he revealed it to,
Himself the more,
"If anyone comes to me and doesn´t hate...even his hate his own life, he cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:26
I must be him,
And him me,
Much more is,
Grace carries me to that height,
Nothing else does,
Yes I must work,
But never forget
The foundation I build on,
For no other can be laid, 1Corinthians 3:11
Except that laid in Christ Jesus,
Which is Grace laid?
That calls men to God,
This is my advice,
Let he who fall,
For it is for God´s Glory,
His own blessing,
Let he whose strength is gone,
For he is been made one in Christ gradually,
Let he who works,
Never forget Grace,
Let he who knows him not,
Seek him,
For Grace will find him by his doing,
For everyone is somewhere,
Let take stand in Christ by Grace,
Coupled with work,
May God help us in all ways, always. AMEN



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