General poem by Michael


I saw a man struck by thunder,
Should have died almost at instant,
Yet saved but with serious injuries,
Yet another,
Didn't feel a thing,
This makes me wonder,
Why the difference?
They both were saved,
Yet had different experience,
This formed a cluster,
Which made me wonder?
Could it be,
We can´t change our destiny,
Whatever happens has already been set,
We can only change the angle of view,
I haven't concluded yet,
If you are interested,
Please help solve my mystery,
I´m tired of this cluster.


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Comment by T-Ralph

Destiny is a tricky subject but the Scriptures had made it clearer.
This article should help -
[Article-Our Destiny by Editorial Crew]

Well to offer my little help, there are times when something happen to some people because they do not understand their position in Christ and/or have not harnessed the provisions available in the finished works of Christ.

Also, there are times when somethings happen because God wants them to happen so that we might grow and become stronger.

Either way, it is all working for our good and to the glory of God by faith. ...