Green Light

General poem by T-Ralph


I know I've got the green light
Now isn't time to alight.
HE's placed me in glorious ride
This ain't a matter of pride.
In my work, HE makes a Way
My path is bright like midday.
I don't need to beg for feed
'Cos HE gives the strength I need.

My chariot can never crash
Makes me first in every dash.
HE lifts me to upper class
Supplies me with much more cash.

Unstoppable, unshakable
Unmovable, un-crushable.

The LORD's Glory surrounds me
Radiates much so all can see.
All these happen by His Grace
Not by the looks on my face
Not the content of my head
Nor by the length of my leg.

Nothing can e'er bring me fright
'Cos of finished work of Christ.
I have got the full green light
No one can e'er stop my flight.


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