Im Gonna Do It

General poem by T-Ralph


I long for HIS kiss
Nothing else can fill
Me beyond the brim

Interlude 1:
Where e´er HE sends me
There I´ll always be

Stanza 1:
It´s all about HIM
HE´s at work in me
Does as HE pleases
When I face the heat
Won´t be burnt by it
"˜Cos HIS hands will lift
Me above my feet
HE´ll provide the meat
I won´t be in need
My needs HE will meet
Keeps me up and neat
Sets me on a hill
So all eyes will see

Interlude 2:
If HE has sent me
Then, I will do it

Stanza 2:
I trust in HIS will
All I´ll ever need
Christ already did
I´ve got to be keen
HIS Word I will lean
Never be deceived
By things I can see
They´ll surely believe
That HE has sent me
HE´s given a dream
I´ll never be mean
I´ll hold to HIS will
HE´s made me a kin

Interlude 3:
For HE has sent me
And I´m doing it


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