When Life Hits You With The Unexpected

General poem by T-Ralph

When life hits you with the unexpected
You think your honour is disrespected
Your success should have been undisputed
Somehow, something was manipulated

You take a look at how it all started
Wondering what you had miscalculated
That made you to end up being demoted
You may question why you were created

Things may not go as you have expected
I want you to know what God has stated
Though you are pressed, you won't be defeated
Though the heat is high, you won't be melted

God has your life-path well designated
Don´t compare yourself, life isn't reiterated
Gather strength from where you´re situated
Your Redeemer will make you liberated

God knows right what needs to be adjusted
With time, you will soon be elevated
Through you, the world will be motivated
As you will end up being celebrated

Note this -
When life hits you with the unexpected
It is for His glory to be manifested


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Comment by oluwamary

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...this just sums it all up in a beautiful way. Beautiful piece I must say! :) ...