Now I Know

General poem by T-Ralph


Daily I struggled with sin
My flesh always wants to win
Filthy rags - the good I did
Jesus Blood - price for my sin
Once for all - He paid the bill
This nature isn´t by my deeds
Now I know, I´m forgiven

Walked around in self-disdain
No man e´er could help my shame
All of these just made me lame
Jesus died all for my sake
Never e´er should my heart break
Christ´s the glory of my race
Now I know, look to Christ´s face

Why do I always fall sick?
Asked why my body was weak
Wanna be well through some pills
Nothing else could work the tricks
Wholesomeness Christ gave to me
Strength He poured till I was filled
Now I know, Christ´s stripes I´m healed

The battle of life is tough
I fought and fought and I´m torn
Back and forth till I´m out-worn
Once for all, Christ came and won
Enemy´s down by the Sword
Victory is mine, I stand tall
Now I know, I´m far above

I lived life in misery
Feeling like I´m in slavery
Addictions drive me crazy
I wanna know the mystery
Christ broke the chains so I´m free
I´m no longer under sin
Now I know, Christ´s liberty


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