Stanza 1:
When you wake up, you plan your day
You list out the things you´ve got to do today
But fate has a plan for everyone (twice)
Surprises come as the day is going
You twist and you turn but you keep on rolling
Fate has a plan for everyone (twice)
There comes a point when your plan is gone
You may think all is lost but you are so wrong
Fate has a plan for everyone (twice)

Chorus (twice):
Ah hey, you never know it all
Sometimes you never see it coming
But all is well (twice)

Stanza 2:
We´re always racing to what is next
But when the Higher Power is guiding us to what is best
Fate has a plan for everyone (twice)
The best of plans, the best of schemes
Are nothing but the guesses of mortal beings
Fate has a plan for everyone (twice)
So the next time you wake up to plan your day
Remember my words and simply say
Fate has a plan for everyone (twice)

Ah hey, orimi o (twice)
All is well

Chorus (once)



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Please can u upload the song... ...


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Here's a download link where you can get the song directly -

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Great songs, religious songs to improve our lives.... thank you

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