Watch out, turn left, right. Yeah we missed it. Thanks G. "Everyone to your post, we've got repairs to deal with". It's the Veil 750; we always have to struggle out of storm not without a damaged.
Before the ice melted, we leaved in balance. When the melt occurred, we fled to the mountain with hope to survive. In past times with Fede, we've been able to communicate with Paradiso terreno, a land far away. They promised us a ship, but we were so full of personal ego. That's what brought the veil 750 into the picture. Now we are lost and can’t survive the storms as they come any more. Gesù our engineer co-ordinated the people to their post and directed each on what to do. We've got to prepare only God knows what coming next.
The presence of a shadow blocked the sun reflection on my face. Quickly, I snapped out of my day dreaming.
Ayo: Hey
Bami: Hi
Ayo: How was your day?
Bami: Well, thanks.
Ayo: Hey, I've got to tell you this
Bami: What?
Ayo: I have had rumours of a giant storm approaching us. Rumours has it that a storms hits when we get to Nautical terreno.
Bami: What!!!
Ayo: I've got to go. Later
The Nautical terreno is a high land we fear to encounter. When were still in Veil 750, we sailed into it but couldn't even move pass an inch through it. The Nautical terreno is well formed to resist any form of penetration from outside. From charts, we discovered that meteor showers might have hit an erupting volcano causing a very rear kind of metal. But some believed the site is bewitched by the devil himself, whatever it the most feared zone.

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