The Secret Of Power - Chapter Two

General story by Michael

Two months have passed, Esu has not shown up neither was Lagbaja dead. Lagbaja and Ogunjimi were both in a sunday school service, there teacher had been teaching them about “God in his mercies”. They had just been taught that God mercy supersede judgment. They both head home to discussing about the varying ways God is so merciful
A Long time ago when Lagbaja was much younger, with youthful lust strongly controlling his actions. There was a time he impregnated a girl called, Dayo. They both agreed to abort the baby that was the last time they ever saw each other. Lagbaja gave Dayo the money she needed but due to the loss of communication he never got to know if the baby was aborted or not.
Orẹ: Baba, oro Lagbaja, oreemi ni ibi ise ni mo mu wa o. Baba, o ba mi ni idi ise yii sugbon baba o ma ti fẹ fi mi silẹ di oga mọ mi lo wọ ma ni.
(Father, it’s because of the case of Lagbaja, my friend at my work place that’s why I’ve come to you. Father, I started working at our work plce before him but he will soon become my boss if care is not taken.)
Baba: Iwo na lọ wa nkan se si oro ara rẹ.
(You too, get something done about your life, so you can become a boss too)
Orẹ: Baba oremi yi ni ki ẹkoko bami yan ju ẹ o. Baba, mo fe ko pa da nu emi ẹ ni
(Father, my friend case is the one I want you to help me solve first. Father, I want him dead)
Baba: Se ko ku ni?
(Do you want him dead?)
Orẹ: Beni baba.
(Yes Father.)
Baba: se o da o lo ju?
(Are you sure?)
Orẹ: Beni baba.
(Yes Father.)
Esu was sent to kill Lagbaja by Orẹ, a work collegue at his place of work. Two weeks later, the materials for the sacrifice were ready and two month was prgrammed for Esu to take lagbaja life.
Lagbaja remember his past with Dayo and felt guilty for his deed hoping he could change the past. This made him down cast and weak as time went by. For some reason he cann't explain, he became more and more burdened by his past. His relationship with others too was frustrated.
A month has passed now; the guilt on lagbaja is not reducing. Orẹ is happy because Esu was already at work. Lagbaja has just failed his promotion interview. Why? He was too carried away that he forgot to bring along necessary credentials with him.
Orẹ: Now it’s time for him to lose his job and die (a wicked smile on his face)
Today is the first night of the second month and lagbaja doesn't know whats up for him yet.
Esu: Bawo ni o?
(How are you?)
Lagbaja: Mo wa, ki ni o tun wa se layemi?
(I’m good, what do you want in my life again?)
Esu: Se iwo o mọ pe, emi n sare ki ri mo si n dun bi kiniu lati ti ma wa eni ti ami o pajẹ. Gbogbo iyi ti o de ba o ami ni mo faa o, to ba fe mọ. Mo si ti se tan lati paa ẹ ni opin o su yii.
(I’m a roaring lion, walking about, seeking whom to devou (1Pe 5:8). All that had happened to you, I’m the cause. And I’m ready to kill you at the end of the month.)
Esu disappears right in front of lagbaja that was when lagbaja realised he wasn't dreaming, like before.
The next morning, lagbaja put himself together trying to neglect the dangerous encounter he had with Esu. He got to work the next day did all he could but all were mistake. His boss complained so much until he finally told him to go home and rest. After two weeks his mistakes became more costly. Finally lagbaja was sacked.
Orẹ was so happy, saying in himself "soon enough he will die and if he lives another live he will always worship those he met at his work place.

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Comment by T-Ralph

Lagbaja, dont permit the condemnation of the law and the guilt of sin to ruin you.
Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. ...