The Secret Of Power - Chapter Four

General story by Michael

Lagbaja did not notice that he was the only one speaking now. The Holy Spirit was replying form his heart. Sparking rays of sunlight reflects on Lagbaja bed,
Lagbaja: it’s morning already? This sleep is the best I ever had
Big smile spread across on his face. He sat up on his bed previewing in his mind yesterday's incident. “It is terrifying to face death but really refreshing to overcome”. With a feeling he had never had before, he got up, took his bathe dressed up and was about leaving the house when he noticed he didn't feel complete. He thought for a while no idea of the way out.
After thinking but lost at his thought, he finally went out, jubilation smile on his face. The look on people eyes were odd, "What wrong with him? They said". Actually, he was just strolling round his area, that was when the thought stroke him again, “aren't you forgetting something?” Immediately he remembers, "I have no job” he said, he felt like going sober but for some reason a joy that can’t die is in him. He finally went back home after a 30mins stroll.
Now at home he wanted to think about getting a job but for some reason he can’t explain his mind kept thinking about the voice, he was feeling a bit depressed. Reluctantly he took up his bible read a random passage.
(Joh 14:26) But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

The Holy Spirit is the key. That’s when it came to him, “It’s really the holy Spirit I have been talking to" Lagbaja said. He then beacon on the voice" holy spirit I am lost now help me please"
Holy Spirit: That’s not hard; I have a lot to tell you as we find ourselves the way home.
Lagbaja: what??? You speak so friendly? How come?
Holy Spirit: I will tell you why later. Now you have to eat.
Lagbaja: You remind me, I've got no job.
Holy Spirit: You must eat first before searching, so as to be energized to go far.
Lagbaja: So, you know how hard it is to get job?
Holy Spirit: Pick your bible and read, beloved?
Lagbaja: I was thinking you would say get a bowl of amala, or snack, why bible?
Holy Spirit: Bible because that how you will get a job now.
Lagbaja: Oh, do you want me selling bibles?
Holy Spirit: Well, you will find out what soon.
Lagbaja was unwilling but still did.

They both studied for hours though it felt like minutes to Lagbaja, he kept on saying "wow".
The Holy Spirit taught him lots of stuffs including following Christ as to fulfilment i.e. He can never be fulfilled truly except he follows Christ. He furthermore buttress on the point that one can be prosperous yet not fulfilled e.g. Lot, he explained that been prosperous isn't the main goal but given birth to God promises e.g. Isaac, son of the Barren old Lady and Paul, the Gentile preacher. He assured Lagbaja that fulfilling God purpose brings joy
Lagbaja: No wonder Isaac means Laughter.

At the office
Manager: Secretary, please tell Mr Ore I want him in my office now.
Ore: Sir, you want to see me.
Manager: You have failed to meet up with every of your target for the past two months. The management has decided to take serious action on yours and others like you who have fallen short. You have been suspended, we will contact you on the finally decision of the board.
The board concluded that they would place their staffs that have lost sales for the past two months on contract basis. If any improvement is received from any of the staffs they will be fully staffed back. The Manager suggested that Mr. Lagbaja should be placed on contract also. The Manager claims that he is a big contributor to the company growth and it was unfair the way he was sacked. Appropriate letters were sent for their final decision.
Ore with grieve went home, he was very bitter with his situation forgetting Lagbaja's case entirely. Ore paid baba a visit.
Baba: Bawo ni ọmọ mi?
(How are you son?)
Ore: Baba, ko daa o. Wọn ti fẹ le mi kuro ni idi isẹ mi baba.
(Father it not good. They have almost sacked me from work.)
Baba: se a wo.
(Let’s ask Ifa)
Baba: Ah. O ti sẹ awọn irunmọlẹ, Ọkunrin ti o fẹ pa, o n lo da eleyii silẹ. Alagara ni ọmọ na.
(You have wronged the gods, the man you wanted to kill, Lagbaja. He is the cause of all this, he is a very powerful man.)
Ore: Ki ni n se baba,
(What do I do now, Father)
Baba: ko lẹ rọ, ikun lẹ rọ ẹ.
(It has no solution, dead is the solution)
Ore: Ah, baba, iku.
(Father, dead?)
Baba: Bẹẹ ni.
Ore went away, grieve in his eye. He was going to die.
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