Soldier Saved By The Mama's Cover

General story by kinzzle

In the Korean War of 1954-55, South Korea and North Korea, force fought a savage war for years. Allied nations fought to drive out the communists of North Korea from South. They fought the battle back and forth until they pushed the battle to the demilitarized zone.
There was this young American soldier, whose platoon was pinned down under a heavy barrage of machine guns of the northern communist in the zone. All the other platoons had tactically withdrawn from the zone, leaving that platoon there. So the platoon alone faced the machine of gun fires of these North Korean soldiers
So the Americans called for reinforcement but days none came. They were in their fox hole. Food ration and water were running out. They radioed the helicopters but none showed up. About twenty five of them were there, helpless in the hole, and no help came north Koreans would rain machine bullets guns at them; they would feebly return fire for running out ammunition.
On South Korea soldier suddenly crawled and jumped out of the fox hole to neutralize the next machine gun of the Northern Korean by a hand grenade. He crawled and crawled to get close to the enemy. Then he tried to remove the safety pin of the grenade and blast the machine gun nest.
But a sniper of the North Korean saw him through binoculars, targeted him and blasted his arm
The grenade dropped from his hand and he fell down and shouted. His colleagues thought he was dead. It was winter and there was snow everywhere. He fell on a slate of snow and his blood congealed. That saved him.
He shouted to his comrades for help.
Each time somebody jumped out to help me, he was stopped by the machine guns of the communists.
He remained there for 6 hours, the sun went down, midnight, no one was able to help him again. But the machine gun opened again from the North Koreans, because they were monitoring them through the binoculars.
Then around 8.45am Korean time, this young marine solder took his riffle. By exactly 9.00am, he just went to the captain and said, “Sir, am gone! With no permission, he jumped out of the foxhole, zigzagged towards the dying man, and all the machineguns of the North Koreans opened up on him. In hail of bullets, he still went ahead and carried the dying man on his shoulders and brought him to the foxhole!
His colleagues shouted with Joy, and the paramedics started working on him and finally the helicopter came and brought reinforcement.
He captain summoned this young soldier, why did you leave without permission?
He said “Captain, I know I need your permission, but I knew you wouldn’t have given me that permission. At 6.00pm when he was shot I couldn’t have done that it wasn’t time to take such a risk. When it was 12midnight, it wasn’t time. Six a.m this morning it wasn’t time. I had to wait till 9’o clock, sir , when I was leaving America , my old mama, a prayer warrior, said to me, Son, you aren’t going to die in this war. At 9 o’clock Korean time every morning, I will be praying for you at my prayer altar’ so I was waiting for mama’s prayer cover!
The young solder ran into the direction of hail of bullets, yet no bullet touched him. Why? His mama was at the prayer altar.

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