Marge, a poor widow spoke one morning to her five young children, 'My darlings, I can give you nothing to eat this morning. I have no bread or anything else to eat. Ask the dear Lord to help us. He is rich and mighty, and has said Himself, "Call upon
me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee." '

Little Robyn, who was just seven years old, was very hungry and sad as she walked to school. As she passed by the open door of the church, she went in, and kneeling down, she prayed with a loud voice in what she thought was an empty church, 'Dear Father in Heaven, we children have nothing to eat. Our mother has no bread, no meal, not even a piece of fruit. O, help us. Give us and our dear mother something to eat. Thou art rich and mighty, and can easily help us.'

So prayed little Robyn trusting with her childlike simplicity, then she continued on to school. When he came home, she saw upon the table a large loaf of bread, a dish of meal and a basket of fruits. 'Now, thanks to God,' she cried joyfully, 'He has heard my prayer. Mother, has an angel brought all these things through the window?'

'No, my little Robyn,' said Marge, her mother, 'but still God has heard your prayer. As you kneeled at the altar, a good lady was kneeling also in her place in the church. You could not see her, but she saw you and heard your prayer. She has sent us
these things. She is the angel through whom God has helped us. Now, thank God, and never forget through your whole lives to "call upon God in your day of trouble." '

Story adapted by Will and Guy, from a Christian story.


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